I'm Monique, a Forbes journalist and

MA design student with a passion for

technology, interaction design

and visual design.

When I was a freelancer, I wrote for websites and publications including:

Customer testimonials

Nice stuff people have said about me

"I've sent Monique assignments across a variety of topics and styles, ranging from product reviews to research-heavy blog posts. Each time, she returns a product that requires very little adjustment or editing. Her syntax is clear and easy for readers to understand, and she includes links to her sources in order to ensure accuracy in case there are any questions on that front. She is prompt to respond to feedback and returns high-quality work within requested turnaround times. Thank you, Monique!"
Cassie Bottorff - Deputy Editor at Forbes Advisor

Cassandra Bottorff

Deputy Editor at Forbes Advisor

“Monique is exceptionally talented when it comes to breaking down complex, dry business concepts and making them easily digestible to the reader. I have seen her tackle a wide range of subjects and she always turns in solid, well-researched work. Additionally, she is always timely in turning in content and a joy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any firm's content needs."
Rob Watts - Managing Editor at Forbes Advisor

Rob Watts

Managing Editor at Forbes Advisor

“Working with Monique was a pleasure. She repeatedly produced high -quality content on a range of web development topics and always delivered in a timely manner. She was receptive to any feedback, or changes I asked her to make and was able to fit in with our workflow to deliver well-written articles which were optimized for search. Monique surpassed my expectations and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and engaged content writer.”
 James Hibbard, Production Editor at Sitepoint

James Hibbard

Production Editor at Sitepoint

“I asked Monique to write articles on how to use project management tools, for my company's blog. Her level of professionalism, timeliness, and reliability makes her an absolute pleasure to work with. I love that she carefully listens to feedback and our goals, and actively incorporates them into her work. Monique consistently delivers informative, organized, and easy-to-follow articles that our readers love!”
Maria Sergo, Content Manager at Unito.io

Maria Sergo

Content Manager at Unito

“Monique helped us write technical marketing blog articles and case studies for MarTech companies. So she wrote B2B SaaS content that's really hard to write, and where the clients are experienced marketers, which is our agency's focus. After we've tried over twenty writers over the last two years, she got on the core writer team of just four. Besides the content writing, she's also professional and reliable about timelines, communication, or pricing."
Branko Kral - Director of Content at Chosen Data

Branko Kral

Director of Content at Chosen Data

“Monique is a great writer and lovely to work with. She goes above and beyond with her work, provides expertise in marketing and social media and is a great researcher too. She has worked with Sked Social on a variety of content such as: blog posts, landing pages and ebooks. She is an expert writer and a strong editor with enough SEO expertise for her posts to perform well. Her work is delivered on time and her communication is impeccable. She has written around 30 posts for Schedugram so far and her content has been viewed by over 50,000 visitors. She meets and exceeds our expectations every time and we will definitely keep working with her in the future.”
Dunja Lazic, Vice President of Marketing at Sked Social

Dunja Lazic

Vice President of Marketing at Sked Social

Monique is the freelance that every editor is hoping to find: reliable, responsive, creative, polished and a stickler for research. She's highly responsive to feedback and has a real knack for capturing the desired voice, tone and style of any site. Her writing is clear, concise, well-researched and informative, and always has tons of original insights and personality. It has truly been a pleasure working with her, and I strongly recommend hiring her to create top-notch content for your site!
Maureen Stimola - Editor at Cospot

Maureen Stimola


"Working with Monique has been great. She creates high quality content pieces quickly, and is able to match your brand's copy and tone very well. Monique was able to produce work that exceeded my expectations, despite giving her a very short brief. I'm looking forward to working with Monique again!"
David Fallarme, Head of Marketing and Customer Acquisition at ReferralCandy

David Fallarme

Head of Marketing
& Customer Acquisition

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