Monique as a Designer

I’m an Interactive Media Management student at George Brown College, with a strong a passion for UI/UX design. Here’s a look at some of my recent projects.

Shoppers Drug Mart - Capstone Project

Shoppers’ digital pharmacy reported a decline in online transactions and customers as more patients moved to competitor pharmacies. We conceptualized and redesigned the pharmacy digital experience to help the company attract more patients and boost retention. This capstone was a collaboration between George Brown College and the Loblaws Digital Team.

Refill Mobile App Case Study

For my prototyping class, I conceptualized Refill—a prototype of a smart water fountain that can filter water and connect to a mobile app.

Luxe Kitchen

My goal for this project was to build a 3D environment to improve my skills in conceptualizing and creating virtual spaces. I wanted the space to have a luxurious interior. As a result, my mood board was filled with furniture with an exquisite marble finish.